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Pitman Cards
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Rules by: Brian Bollinger
Artwork by: Greg Coulton

There are 10 dice sitting on the table. The high bidder gets to roll the dice to see if they can match or beat what they have bid. You look at your cards, which let you know how many dice you can roll. One of your opponents says, 34!

You dont think you can beat them so you let them take the bid. I can roll 9 dice, they say but are they telling you the truth or not? If they roll 9 dice and get a total of at least 34 on all the dice they get all the points for that round. If they dont make their roll then you and the other opponents split the points and they get nothing.

You could call their bluff forcing them to show their cards. If they were telling the truth they get the points for the round without having to roll the dice. If, in fact, they were bluffing and could not roll 9 dice, you and anyone else that called their bluff get to split the points for the round and they get nothing.

but if you call their bluff you also run the risk of someone blocking that action which knocks you out for that round then youll get nothing. Do you take that risk?

To win at PITMAN youre going to need to out bid, out bluff, and out roll your opponents to be the first to reach the designated score.

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