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Pitman Cards
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Rules by: Brian Bollinger
Artwork by: Greg Coulton

It’s the last round. Do you really have the winning hand? …or will you be bluffing? The stakes are high. You can try to take the bid but that doesn’t guarantee a win. You still have to roll the dice.

As you stare at your cards your mind wonders… it harkens you back to the dingy mines of Western Virginia. It’s the 1820’s and “Devil’s Gut”, now called PITMAN, has only recently gained in popularity. Dancing shadows are cast upon the walls by the flickering light of dimly lit candles and lanterns. The smell of coal dust in the thick damp air fills your nostrils. You can feel the grit between your fingers and the cards. The hand-carved coal-covered dice taunt you as they sit on the ground waiting to be rolled.

“You don’t’ have the guts!” someone yells at you, bringing you back to the game.

With that, you raise and win the bid. Now you hope mother luck shows favor on you as you reach for the dice.

To win at PITMAN you’re going to need to outbid, out bluff, and out roll your opponents to be the first to reach the designated score.

PITMAN is available in 3 different boxes.

Price: 29.95

3 box covers
Miner Box
Sheriff Box
Bandit Box

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